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Danivé Mode is a recently constituted firm, which raises from its founders’ twenty year experience in the fashion sector. Established in 2007, it springs from the collaboration between Migra, a historic embroidery in the industrial district of Gallarate, still a fundamental partner of the masion, and the breakthrough designer Valentina Cremona.
For this reason, today Danivé’s designs can focus on research and development, which makes each collection a unique and sophisticated Made in Italy product. Its critical key factor of success is the entire coverage of the production line, starting from the creation of brand new fabrics to the manufacturing of each piece.


Concious of its professional identity and streangths, Danivé pursues long term strategic objectives, enabling it to succeed in the artistic universe of fashion. In these terms, offering an avangarde product and in sync with fashion trends as well as the continuous search for style and quality increase become a fundamental tool for its fulfilment.
Increasing the visibility of the product is a crucial step to gain market share both on a national and international level. The final result of this process is becoming a recognisable brand as well as a benchmark for Made in Italy fashion.

Knitwear in all its shapes is our must have, perfect for those loving fashion and identifying themselves with a fresh, glamorous and fancy style. Our garments are addressed towards a young and ironic woman and are embellished by exclusive embroidery exploiting the most innovative and unique techniques.
Our creations touch upon the whole fashion world, from coats to knitwear, in order to offer a complete range of both stylish and elegant products.


Hight, figure, frame are no longer limits, but opportunities; a starting point in the conception of our products. Anyone can identify itself with Danivé. It’s aim is transmitting the universal concept of femminility and elegance neverminding the looks and figure of who is wearing the piece.

The logo is its perfect expression, mixing these concepts in a dynamic and joyful image. In the same way the name Danivé fuses in harmony the names of its creators, making the dream come true offering passion, enthusiasm and involvement to the brand.

Valentina Cremona

Fashion Designer



The artistic productions of Danivé Mode arise from the creativity of its designer, Valentina Cremona. Eclectic designer which, with the S/S 2008 collection, faces for the first time the fashion world, creating entirely the garments.
Graduated at 19 at the art high school, in 2005 she achieved the qualification with top marks of Fashion Designer at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni.
The first working experiences sharpen her skills: starting from 2005, when as a newly undergrad she moved to Bilbao for 5 months working at the fashion house Jota Mas Ge. At her return she promptly finds her space in the style department of Etro, where she experiences first hand the creation of two collections, S/S 2007 and A/W 2008 in more than a year of activity. In march 2007 Valentina, grown professionally at the court of Gimmo Etro’s maison, decides to undertake the new adventure with Danivé, whose productions emerge from the experience gained by the designer in her mother’s the knitware company, leading to the sublime fusion of tradition and innovation.


Talent and passion, together with study, research and experience: these are the secrets Danivé’s garments lay on. The collections are built, transformed and developed through a careful evolutionary process where the three key aspects are fused together. The trait d’union for all phase is the designer, Valentina Cremona, whose constant supervision rappresents the crucial value added of these entirely made in Italy garments.
The Art. Everything starts with the search of inspiration through the works of those artists in which Valentina sees style and elegance. Details, chromatic balance, harmony in the artworks, transcending from the initial meaning the artist attributed to them, identify the guide lines leading to the creation of the collection. The choice of materials. Subsequently the attention is shifted towards the combination and matching of materials and ideas sprung from the previous study phase, enabling Danivé to achieve a sublime artistic mix between the creation process and the technical production phase. The collection starts building up.
The customization of fabrics. The last phase of development of the new collection is linked to this key factor of elaboration, making the pieces rare and unique. This is only made possible thanks to the twenty year experience accrued in the textile sector of Danivé’s founders.
This artistic experimentation process, where colors and technical innovation accompany the birth of the new garments, ends the entire creative work.