Danivé “Beyond Fashion” S/S 2013

14 September 2013    

New York, the eighties, yuppies and artists, drugs and easy money. Skyscrapers stand over blind alleys, walls speak through graffiti, young artists look for their way and often fall into it. So it happened to Jean-Michel Basquiat, the never forgotten urban genius, the poet of images on the loose, the boy painter in verse, today the source of inspiration for Danivé’s new Spring Summer collection 2013.
Designer Valentina Cremona has been tangled up in the thoughts this artist instinctively sketched and she has revised them by means of her more radiant and carefree creativity, all for Danivé, “Beyond Fashion”.

Starting from the roots to end up to actuality, from nature made suitable for urban life, Danivé woman can wear the colours of the earth in a modern way, as for the technical fabric embroidered with a jacquard fantasy in sandy colour for the trench coat or the viscose cotton fret worked knitwear in a natural hue. From Jean-Michel Basquiat’s pictures, expressing anger over social issues through childish marks, creased thoughts come out, but neat, like the extra large trousers or the romantic dress in soleil pleated sparkling marrons glacé fabric, or tiny confused ideas like the pleated sleeves in the supple viscose t-shirt with micropaillettes appliqué.
“Beyond Fashion” stands pop art, trying to make itself heard, and in the combination of all the shades of grey what strikes is a palette of strong chromatics almost fluorescent, from yellow to green, fuchsia, turquoise, until an unexpected explosion of little dots, maybe flowers, in the shade of violet, frees its power of expression in the watcher’s eye, opening up in dresses and skirts with asymmetrical ends.

“Beyond Fashion” Collection glorifies its evolution in the warm shades of orange and coral, laid over pure broderie anglaise, apparently childish like the words of the New York artist. This exceptional fabric made of fret worked cotton lace reminds of a damaged wall covered with cracks and becomes a new canvas for our stylist. From the original faded nuances of grey, dyed over with electric blue, womanly dresses and fluent knitwear are created with a delavé look, almost like an intangible denim. Pop and naïf art frees itself in the black and white printed fabric, brightened up by brushstrokes of electric blue like in a silk scarf on a chic painter at work. Asymmetric shapes with broad volumes, precious knotwork appliqué, decorations made of paillettes and small medals with logo, drawstrings entwined like wristbands, Danivé never overlooks details.
Creativity forms from the thundering sound of the metal boombox or the television: here comes the queen of the heavy metal night party, as a biting Basquiat used to write. Romanticism in Danivé woman shows through this series of total black super feminine dresses and knitwear, where jersey and the “Milano stitch”, technical fabric and broderie anglaise, tulle and studs are abreast.

“Beyond Fashion” is Danivé’s Spring Summer collection 2013 that belongs to urban culture, it is the expression of today’s society as Basquiat used to be thirty years ago. Research in the dyeing techniques, tradition in the details, a hundred per cent made in Italy thorough proficiency in the whole process, Danivé is well “Beyond Fashion”.



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