Danivé “Oriental Feelings” S/S 2012

11 September 2013    

Danivé “Oriental Feelings” Spring/Summer 2012
At the time of her travel to the East, the stylist Valentina Cremona got inspired by the Chinese artist Wang Xijing Renwu Zuo Pinji and started to process the new idea for the Spring Summer 2012 Danivé Collection.
The oriental art of the maestro permeates the canvas and the spirit of the viewer: sophisticate lines and colours alternate with brushwork and colour spots that seem to come out of a dream. Pure silhouettes appear from white grounds and remind natural Macramé laces all in one on the bodies. Abstract images of flowers, feminine figures, butterflies and fabric textures are seen putting together exotic suggestion and Made in Italy taste, through to the Italian art of Virginia Fagini.
The artist from Rome uses the lines as a strong point in her works, influencing this delicate but vibrant Collection.
Significant volumes and special cuts rotate with essential lines that draw little dresses fitted on the body.
Bleached and two-tone denim marks the harmonious flowing of materials and techniques: the overlaps play with the fabrics and half-reveal the underneath layers. The wisely worked laces perforate, gather and glow the garments.
Natural shades, in matching tones, are chased by metals that turn into rivers of colours. The unpredictability substitutes the monotony: the orange is used instead of the sand tone, the azure takes the place of the neutral colour and the turquoise is plunged into the black shades becoming deep midnight blue.
The woman that sees herself in the 2012 Spring Summer Collection is a delicate and romantic artist with a strong and determined spirit.



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